From Buyer to Seller

I grew up crafting with my Mother and got away from it as I got older and busy with my own family and career. In true full-circle style,  as my kids left the nest I starting crafting again with my Mom. Now my daughter is in college and has her own creative contributions as a 3rd generation maker. We have a lot of fun hanging out, brainstorming ideas of what we can make and designs we can come up with that are unique. Our common thread of creativity is that we all love helping others.
My true joy is in helping people find the perfect gift for someone. If you are struggling to find something that shows someone you truly care, something that really says "I'm thinking of you, and what would make you happy", then I'm your go-to Thoughtfulness Concierge!

I spend my weekdays in corporate America and my weekends helping others come up with unique gifts and personalized items. How can I help you spread some thoughtfulness?

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